Considering Whether to Undergo Phimosis Surgery with Insurance Coverage: Pros and Cons

In our previous articles, we have explained various remedies for phimosis. However, the best way to fundamentally and assuredly improve phimosis is through 'phimosis surgery,' where all the excess foreskin is removed.

Phimosis surgery can be undertaken anytime, anywhere in the country.

So, which of the many hospitals will you choose for your phimosis surgery?

Here are the options that first come to mind:

  1. Insurance Medical Clinics (General Hospitals or General Urology Departments)
  2. Private Medical Clinics (Phimosis-specialized clinics; insurance is not applicable as it’s private medical treatment)

In this article, we will consider the pros and cons of undergoing surgery at an insurance medical clinic.

Pros of Insurance Medical Clinics:

  • In cases of true phimosis or paraphimosis, it is applicable for insurance, and the costs are low.

Cons of Insurance Medical Clinics:

  • In cases of pseudo-phimosis, insurance is not applicable. It becomes private medical treatment, and even in general urology departments, it can be somewhat costly.
  • For pseudo-phimosis, as it is not judged as an illness, there are no hospitals accepting such cases.
  • If the surgery is performed with insurance coverage, the focus is on ‘curing the disease,’ and the finishing of the scar is not considered at all.
  • Hospitalization may be required.
  • It may take several months to secure a reservation for the surgery.

Summary of the Pros and Cons of Insurance Medical Treatment: It is evident that there are virtually no benefits to seeking treatment at an insurance medical clinic in cases of pseudo-phimosis.

To begin with, there are few insurance medical clinics that perform pseudo-phimosis surgery, and even if available, the long waiting period for a surgery reservation and the time loss due to post-operative hospitalization are significant. Since pseudo-phimosis is not applicable for insurance, it cannot be performed inexpensively at an insurance medical clinic.

There are many cases where surgery for pseudo-phimosis, which is not actively performed or familiar in insurance medical clinics, results in noticeable scarring.

Scars are permanent. However, there is no choice but to leave the finishing of the scar to the surgeon.

When undergoing pseudo-phimosis surgery, there is absolutely no need to ‘deliberately’ choose an insurance medical clinic.

In the case of true phimosis or paraphimosis, it is applicable for insurance, and the costs can be low. However, apart from the monetary aspect, there are many disadvantages, and considering the finishing of the scar, it cannot be unequivocally stated that ‘insurance coverage is better.’

At our clinic, we often receive consultations for the correction of scars from past phimosis surgeries, and various scars can be observed. The techniques and skills of the doctors vary. Many people regret deciding on the surgery based solely on the cost and later regret it.

Choose your hospital carefully.


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